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#kazdakwahelps, i.e. a small gesture of great power

Childhood is a period of life that should be a time to explore the world, play and carefree. However, in the case of many children, this carelessness is interrupted by an illness, and doctor's offices and hospital walls become their everyday life. We know more and more about pediatric oncology, but we still talk too little about it. It is important to raise awareness as well as real help. Because...

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Aerobaltic online - air show in the times of pandemic

The aviation season is in full swing, but subsequent events are disappearing from the show calendar, which aviation fans have been eagerly waiting for. Due to the pandemic and the ban on organizing mass events, also the largest civil aviation shows in Poland - LOTOS Gdynia Aerobaltic - were moved to 2021. Aeropact (the organizer of the Gdynia air show), however, decided to satisfy the hunger of fans ...

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