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Dreams are the best fuel. They drive a man to push his limits and reach higher and farther. When two people meet with the same dreams, the impossible becomes possible. This is how Aeropact was created. Sebastian and Hubert created a company based on love for aviation and a passion for conquering 'new lands'. They invited people for whom the same values are important and who do not set barriers, but always look for new ways together.

Aeropact is a TEAM of uncompromising explorers of new possibilities.

Top Product 2018 in the 'Tourism and Leisure Time' category for LOTOS GDYNIA AEROBALTIC AIRSHOW

European Airshow Council Convention 2020 Marketing Award

Award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the 'Event of the Year' category FOR THE GDYNIA AEROBALTIC AIRSHOW 2018




Sebastian Golus

Chairman of the Board

His specialty is the implementation of the most original ideas. He is constantly looking for new opportunities and broadening the horizons of the company. His positive attitude creates a unique work atmosphere. He is always up to date and has everything under control. He oversees the aviation part of events.


Hubert Topoliński

Vice President

Initiator of the most difficult and visionary ideas in the company. He succeeds in developing international projects. Through positive thinking, he always solves problems and looks for non-standard solutions. He appreciates his employees and inspires them to act. Always focused on success!


Maciej Stroiński

Marketing and Promotion Director

He translates his endless energy into creating creative projects. Indispensable in building brand awareness, not only in the aviation environment. A specialist in media contact, a great speaker, a popular leader - these are just some of his qualities. 100% dedicated to his work!


Zuzanna Rajczowska

Marketing specialist

An enthusiast and expert in the field of social media. She keeps in touch with project fans. She loves aviation. Her head is full of ideas, and she perfectly puts her thoughts on paper. Copywriting is her thing! Positive attitude drives her to success.


Octavia Wąsiewska

Project Manager

People-oriented manager - she loves working in a team and discovering the ideas of others to implement them in company projects. Focused on improving project management skills. During implementation she is responsible for employees, although sometimes she has to take on various roles herself.


Mateusz Blicharz


Responsible for preparing air show documentation and creating and analyzing air show programs. He ensures the safety of the events and analyses projects very closely, so the team can always react instantly in emergency situations. He’s also great at coordinating aviation teams involved in projects. Head over heels in love with aviation.


Karol Wójcik

Project Manager

Responsible for company documentation, meeting deadlines and guarding company stamps. He is also great at logistics and irreplaceable in case of emergency.

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Aerobaltic online - air show in the times of pandemic

It’s the high season for aviation but successive events keep getting cancelled from the air show calendar. Events that aviation fans have been so eagerly waiting for. ...


Race between jet aircraft and Lamborghini at Ławica Airport

Airshows around the world have been grounded this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not mean that nothing interesting is happening at the airports. Lawica Airport in Poznań became a race track for the most extraordinary race ...


Aviation community supports hospital in Gdynia during the pandemic

Such moments are our favourite. Another part of equipment was delivered to the University Center for Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia as part of the #nielatamypomagamy (english: we don’t fly - we help) campaign.



Quarantine and sitting at home are not in the nature of aviators. Longing for airports and shows, he meets Aeropact, giving him an idea to spend time ...

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