Airshows around the world have been grounded this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not mean that nothing interesting is happening at the airports. Lawica Airport in Poznań became a race track for the most extraordinary race between Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, Polish Fiat 126p (“Maluch”) and... jet aircraft TS-11 Iskra. Aeropact was responsible for the aviation part of this project.

The initiator of this event was Joseph Amissah - a British businessman from the aviation industry, whose known for his instagram account - @the.collection. The account shows influencer’s everyday life but above all it presents pieces of his extraordinary collection of luxury cars. And two cars from Joe’s collection appeared on the runway of the Poznań airport. Next to them stood a veteran of the Polish sky - the Polish jet aircraft TS-11 Iskra belonging to the White-Red Wings Foundation. This is the only copy of this type of aircraft in our country that is in private hands. Until recently, it was one of the basic training aircraft of the Polish army.

Professional drivers sat behind the wheels of cars. Joe, however, chose the greatest power and took a seat in the aircraft cabin.

The organizers do not reveal who won the race. You will be able to find out by following social media. A movie documenting the event will be published soon. The idea behind it is to promote Poland and Polish products. The race event at Ławica was a part of a bigger project of the movie promoting Poland.

On the set Aeropact Team was responsible for the preparation and coordination of all activities related to the aviation component of the event. Since the action took place at the airport, and one of the main characters was the plane, the preparations for the event were very intense and challenging. Thanks to the team's commitment and professionalism, the plans were completed in one hundred percent.

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