Such moments are our favourite. Another part of equipment was delivered to the University Center for Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia as part of the #nielatamypomagamy (english: we don’t fly - we help) campaign.

Personal protective equipment and mattresses were delivered by the President of Salveo Medical Care Warsaw Daria Mejnartowicz and representatives of Aeropact. Marzena Głowacz, Deputy Director of Health, collected them on behalf of the institution.

Support for the hospital is the result of the unique #nielatamypomagamy campaign which united the entire Polish aviation community in the face of a pandemic. The idea was very simple - helping those who are on the front line of the fight against coronavirus. The aviators can't sit still, so the response was immediate. Pilots, technicians, show organizers, viewers - all showed solidarity and a huge heart - so characteristic for the aviation environment. Even the smallest donation contributed to the achievement of the goal. In total, the following were purchased:

  • 7,000 KN95 FFP2 face masks
  • 4 Vario 18 AC MADELA medical suction devices
  • 3 model 800 anti-bedsore mattresses with Dyna Best pump

Deputy Mayor for Life Quality of the City of Gdynia Bartosz Bartoszewicz helped to choose the facility that most urgently needed the support of donors. After verifying the demand, personal protective equipment and specialized equipment were decided to be donated to the University Center for Maritime and Tropical Medicine.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who joined our fund-raiser. Special thanks go to Salveo Medical Care Warsaw and TRMEW Obrót S.A., thanks to which it was possible to buy not only personal protective equipment, but also much needed specialized equipment - said Sebastian Golus, president of Aeropact, the company that coordinated the fund-raiser.

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