Quarantine and sitting at home are not in the nature of aviators. But Aeropact has an idea for all the fans longing for airports and air shows - idea to spend time at home in an aviator’s way!

A limited edition of puzzles with photos from last year's edition of LOTOS Gdynia Aerobaltic Air Show, organized by Aeropact, has just hit the pre-sale. The photographs were taken during the Air-to-Air session and their author is Sławek "Hesja" Krajniewski - well known photographer in the aviation environment. The themes found on the puzzles were selected by a poll among fans of the event in Gdynia. Polish aircraft and pilots proved to be unrivaled.

The winner was TS-11 Iskra (english: “Spark”) belonging to the White-Red Wings Foundation - the first Polish jet aircraft and at the moment the only copy in the country flying as a civil aircraft.

The hero of the second winning motif is the Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team "Orlik", which on April 15 celebrated its 22nd anniversary.


Only in pre-sale, each ordered puzzle set comes with a special Aeropact Boarding Pass discount card that entitles you to purchase tickets and products offered by Aeropact Sp. z o. o. at a lower price. The pre-sale will last until 20.05.


More info on http://puzzle.aerobaltic.pl/.


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